Jetty Feeds prisoners

MONROVIA-While others were going to different places to either merry make or attend worship services, a well-respected Indian diplomat(former Indian council general) , businessman and humanitarian, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva   went to see  prisoners  and feed them.

Many prisoners  at  the city’s largest prison center, South Beach,   is home  to several hundreds of prisoners who have committed  various types of crimes and serving different time of sentences.

But seeing the need to help, the businessman, instead of going to a place of workshop, took to  the line to feed  prisoners. On November 4, 2021, which  is celebrated as Thanksgiving day in Liberia Mr. Jetty decided to take food to the prisoners. He used his Indian festival day: Diwali to provide feedings and presented 100 dozens of plates to the prisoners. Such plates will be used by the inmates to eat from.

According  to him,  it was a part of his trading inmates feeding program which is  carried out on many holidays in Liberia. Mr. Jetty has been in Liberia for over three decades.

He provided food and utensils to the inmates. Jetty, an Indian, said Liberia’s thanksgiving day coincides with the Diwali’s festival -a five  day festival celebration in his home country.

According to him, “I and my team from Jetty Corporation  came  out to feed the inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison on Thanksgiving Day.”

The  Diwali, Mr. Jetty said, “it is celebrated all across India. it is very fortunate that it falls on the same day that Liberia observes it’s Thanksgiving Day, 4 November.”

“We have come also here to celebrate … with the prisoners in form of bringing them food, soft drinks, water, cakes, and we also brought plates for the inmates,” said Mr. Jetty.

“So we decided to bring today 100 dozens for them,” said Jetty. He added:  “We believe that it is God’s work that  we are  doing by feeding inmates.”

He commended the Deputy Prison Superintendent for Administration Col. Justin Juah, and his boss Col. Varney Lake for  the level of support they have  given  he and his team to perform God’s work.

Col. Justin Juah thanked Mr. Jetty for  what he called  numerous support.

“These items, normally [have] a trigger down effect [on] other prisons. What do I mean by that? These items that we receive, subsequently we distribute them to other prisons,” said Col. Juah.

Col. Juah urged well-meaning Liberians and philanthropists to emulate the example of  Mr. Jetty.

He added :”it’s not easy for Mr. Jetty to sacrifice his hard earned money to purchase items for the prisons.

“It means that he [is] concerned about those who have come in conflict with the law,” Col. Juah said.

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