Jetty embarks on US$25M investment

MONROVIA-One of India’s top businessmen who has been in Liberia for over three decades, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva  has embarked on a  US$25M investment for the construction of  Rubber Processing Factory in Cita, Margibi County. When completed in 2026, it will be the first tyres production company in Liberia.

Liberia has one of the largest rubber plantations in the world, operated by Firestone, and Bridgestone. But it does not produce any rubber products.  The Factory, if starts operations, will mean a boost to the rubber sector and help improve the economy.

The disclosure was made by Mr. Jetty  to media executives during a tour at the construction site.

According to him, the  Factory when completed will include warehouses, washing and treatment plants. He said the  Factory  is  located on 13 hectares of property wth the building of  about (132,000 sq ft)

The  Factory is constructed by Jetty Rubber LLC  which entered into a concession agreement in December 2021.

He said in the agreement, his company will construct, develop, and operate a national rubber processing and production plant to produce tyres and other natural rubber products.

The company is expected to  process approximately 25,000 tons of natural rubber per annum.

Not only that, but also  will produce hand gloves, rain boots, and rubber bands, among others. His company is intended to purchase rubber from local farmers.

Also speaking to media executives during the tour,  Senator Henry Yallah

Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Hope said  his institution has a one-year agreement with Jetty Rubber to use the facility to purchase his rubber latex from local farmers and pay an annual rental fee of US$1.00 for usage. The agreement is subject to annual revision

Senator Yallah said,  “this place is operated by Farmers Hope and the Farmers Hope company is owned by me. This company has been here for little more than one year this is 2022, and we started 2021 February.”

“So, when Mr. Jetty brought his factory here, he asked us as a company to come here and start to buy here to open a lead way so that when he starts his rubber processing, the farmers will already know his place,” Sen. Yallah said.

The investment has  been greeted by locals in the area  with joy and seen as a sign of  relief as explained by Cita District Commissioner, Roland Johnson. “This investment will bring, some economic relief for the citizens in the area.

He added that  Jetty was working on establishing a clinic in the village with a Pakistani Doctor already being arraigned as a resident Doctor to run the clinic when completed.

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  1. Joseph A. Zeze says

    This is good news; at least our local farmers will be able to sell their produce more easily.

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