Jessica’s Alleged Attempted Killer Sent To Jail


32-year-old Lucas Richards, an American national has been arrested and charged with the heinous crimes of attempted murder and aggravated assault after allegedly attempting to harm Jessica Lloyd, who was believed to be his girlfriend.

This follows a thorough investigation conducted by the Liberia National Police Crime Services Division. Richards, the defendant in this case has been sent to custody pending trial by the court. The incident unfolded on Thursday, September 14 when it was alleged that he attempted to harm Victim Jessica Lloyd.

According to information contained in the police charge sheet, the investigation uncovered a complicated relationship between Defendant Lucas Richards and Victim Jessica Lloyd. The two individuals had apparently been involved in a romantic relationship that began at the YWAM Bible Mission, where Lloyd was a student, and later extended to a more personal level, even involving Lloyd’s personal diary.

During the course of their relationship, Lloyd informed Richards that she was pregnant with his child. However, on September 14, Richards allegedly administered medication to terminate the pregnancy. He then went to the home of Lloyd’s parents and informed them that he was taking her out to console her. However, his true intentions appear to have been quite different.

Police investigations have revealed that contrary to the information provided to the victim’s family, Richards was apprehended in the Palm Farm Community near the Early Memorial School while allegedly attempting to harm Jessica Lloyd. He was reportedly in the act of inflicting a wound at the back of her head and had used a knife to make a small incision on her neck.

This disturbing incident was witnessed by Ernest Philip, who promptly alerted authorities for assistance, as stated in the Police Charge Sheet.

Jessica Lloyd herself has confirmed the presence of a knife during the incident and recounted how Richards had taken her into the bush, falsely claiming that they were at risk of a snake attack.

Further investigation by the police also disproved the claims made by Defendant Richards. A physical examination of the white Land Cruiser he was driving on the same day revealed no issues with the tires, contrary to his assertion that he had been attempting to repair them.

Additionally, the investigation confirmed that witnesses Ernest Philip and Abdullai Sheriff were not, as claimed by Richards, motorbike riders seeking to harm Jessica Lloyd. The defendant had asserted that he was attempting to rescue Lloyd from their attack.

In light of these findings, it is clear that Defendant Lucas Richards’ testimony was inaccurate, leading to his charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. The court will now proceed with the legal process to determine his guilt or innocence in this deeply troubling case.

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