Jarsey Lawyer Wants Change Of Venue


By R Joyclyn Wea

The lead lawyer representing defendant Varney Jarsey has filed an application with Criminal Court “E” praying that honorable court for a change of venue.

Central from left, Varney Jarsey being escorted to prison

Cllr. Arthur Johnson’s application is before the court pending legal argument and consequently handing down of judgment by that court.

Varney Jarsey was accused in 2016 for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl at his Mamba Point residence in central Monrovia.

The student leader was released recently on a motion for bill filed with the judge of Criminal Court “E” by Cllr. Arthur Johnson who is the legal lawyer defending the interest of Jarsey.

The bill was amongst other things intended for Jarsey to attend to his health conditions as he was not allegedly faring well at the moment while at the Monrovia Central Prison (South Beach) something which was granted by the court.

Meanwhile, Varney’s documents were allegedly seized by the court and were consequently mandated by the court to appear before it after every three day while outside seeking medical attention.

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