..UP Vice Standard-bearer Reacts To Costa


By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Political leader of the opposition political party, Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) has clarified that he has never paid for abortion before.

Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung who is also a running mate to former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in an interview over the weekend in Grand Bassa County added that claims by controversial talk show host Henry Costa is baseless, unfounded and has no lacks the truth.

The Vice-Presidential hopeful of the former ruling Unity Party disclosed that claims against him of selling human parts and paying for abortion was programmed by Henry Costa to destroy his political career.

“I have never been involved in human parts business and abortion to acquire sudden wealth,” he stressed.

According to him, the controversial talk show host Henry Costa accused him of being a ritualist.

“This claim from Henry Costa has since been trending about me,” he further revealed.

Koung mentioned that the allegation from Mr. Henry Costa of being involved in harvesting, extracting, exporting, and selling human parts abroad to boost his political career is misleading and has no sincere true.

Koung noted that for the sake of peace in Liberia, he has accepted the apologies regarding the human parts and abortion gossips from Henry Costa.

“I’m a leader who is waiting to accept every mud pour on me by people,” he emphasized.

Koung pointed out that as a leader, it is expected that the people you lead will say many things to you be it negative or positive, but you just got to remain firm and govern them well in spite of all the negative rumors.

According to him, the allegation was meant to damage his political career and to put a halt to being named as Boakai’s running mate in the pending October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

“I have never paid for an abortion before,” he disclosed. The Vice Presidential hopeful disclosed that he has eleven children and all of them are alive and are in school.  “I brought them up like my own,” he further emphasized.

Senator Koung disclosed that he has never encouraged any girl to get pregnant for him and abort the pregnancy. “I have never told a girl to take off her belly for me,” he lamented.

The Nimba County lawmaker stressed that it has never happened in his entire life.

Senator Koung explained that he values the life of every child, and that’s why he is empowering children through his little wealth.

“I believe every child is important and has the right to live. If they are saying I am a human part seller, how do I transport it to America or let them show the company or individual(s) who is buying the parts,” Koung challenged his accusers.

Senator Koung stressed that the rumors against him are false and misleading and only intended to damage his political life.

Senator Koung explained that he values the life of every child, and that’s why he is empowering children through his little wealth.

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