Investors’ Nightmare Hub

-Perceived Reflection of Liberia’s Business Climate

A brief survey conducted by this paper at the close of December 2018 concerning investors’ fatigue since the inception of the Pro-Poor regime championed by President, Dr. George M. Weah reveals that as the investment’s space still remains questionably and reluctantly unattractively engaged; with Liberia also being rated one of the worse places to invest coupled with the stigma of now the world’s poorest country; such perceived reflection of Liberia’s business climate amounts to what was  noted as investors’ nightmare hub. 

Excerpts from the survey also wondered how Liberia being the first Independent Republic in Africa, graciously lavished with multiplicity of both natural and mineral resources abundantly is today being classified and categorized in such a form and manner on the global scene.

Another shocking issue imbued with sadness and regret as was alluded to is what was noted to be that Liberia has been named the world’s poorest country under President Weah by Wall Street/USA Today Journal, November 29, 2018, adding “you mean in the abundance of waters, the bulls are critically, pathetically and desperately thirsty.

Most people talked to at street corners, market places including entertainment centers in the capital, and some in few counties via mobile phone stated that despite these few observations; “we love this country more than we love an individual. Liberia will rise one day – Our Country will come out of this nightmare and malaise. This is the hope and optimism we share in common.”

Some of them noted that what the most popular leader was doing with his internationally acclaimed exposure attended with many assumed high profile contacts, and why is it taking so long to translate these resourceful internationally-based contacts into practical investment in the best interests of the partners, people and the country in such a time when everyone is seriously craving for the opportunity to become a reality that could elevate the heavy crunch of suffering and hardship plaguing the badly depressed ailing economy and by extension, the abject-poverty squeezed people, most of whom make up far and above over half of the population.

While few questioned the terrifying creaming and banging on table and desks during debate over the heavily chided Eton loan fiasco which despite all that the government from Executive to Legislative Branches to defend and secure the troubled-loan; quickly propelled by a 4G speed in passing it into law; the current status has become a sadly frustrating bitter pill to swallow by all the attached movers and shakers who in complete and uncompromised support of the loan agreement  now find tough and rough to tell the Liberian people where they are presently with it now, and moreover its end result.

Quizzically, they zoomed in on Ebomaf loan which according to them was accorded similar attention as Eton in spite of profound criticisms and public outcry about its vested political interest especially when it was due to come from the same person whose jet plane generosity to President Weah became and still remains a sticky bone of grave suspicion and contention; they now uprightly asked why in almost a year of political existence that the government has not attracted any genuine, reliable and credible investors let alone explore the mineral and other envious resources banks available in the country?

Others pointed out that amidst the misery and severe difficulties confronting the people, all they are told is to be patient because better days are ahead while the neo-privileged elite continue to display the glamour of overnight luxuries in class and style as the people groan and look on in dismay.

One group grimly registered its fear that instead of investors thronging in and anxiously engaging the investment opportunity and environment under the current regime as was witnessed in the previous administration; however, what is now being disturbingly experienced is the massive closure or scale-down of some of the businesses already operating in the country; some that have been here for decades; thereby escalating the already high rate of unemployment mercilessly biting much harder the helpless economy as many once organized homes now mostly crawling in harsh sorrow.

According to the survey, those spoken to noted that what is most upsetting is the reason the business people involved in the closure of their entities provided; that the business atmosphere is not encouraging nor showing any sign of being responsive anytime soon; therefore, they are taking their investments to other parts of the world with Ghana and DR Congo mentioned. TNR

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