Investigate Sen. Sherman Thoroughly

OUR attention is seriously drawn to the latest saga involving Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County over allegations of bribery to judges in the judicial system to win cases in his favor.

WE think that the economic sanctions placed on him by the United States Treasury Department are grave and shouldn’t be handled with emotions by his colleagues at the Liberian Senate. His colleagues at the Liberian Senate should give chance to the legal luminary to exonerate himself instead of pleading on his behalf as a cover up.

NOT only that, but also, an independent committee should be set up to carry out its own investigation so as to know the veracity of the case.

THE allegation against Senator Sherman is very serious because it has damaged his business and reputation.  While it is true that the US is a heavy weight in the world, we should be aware that not everything that they say should be considered as a fact. Those who placed the sanctions are humans and they are not immune from errors.
This is an allegation that needs to be proven in Liberia or in the United States. We are aware that he is a member of the Liberian Senate and any negative story on him, places a dark cloud on the entire Senate indirectly; whether he acted in his private capacity or not.

SO, that is why we are calling for a thorough investigation. We know that in the USA, if any congressman or woman was accused of wrongful act, an investigation would be conducted. It will not be accepted and conclusion be made.

In the United States, there is The Foreign Corruption practices Act They look at some of these corrupt practices, if any.

EVEN with that, there is a remedy. For instance, the Innocence and Justice project is there. This helps exonerate people who are locked up for crimes they didn’t commit.     The Innocence and Justice Project has been done at UNM for decades and  it has exonerated at least five people and last tried to free Jacob Duran, who was accused of murder in 1987.

IN this case, Senator Sherman said he is innocent.  We think that the Liberian Senate should work with the US foreign committee on the sanction to ascertain the facts.

EVEN  if it were the USA whose citizen was accused, they would not jump to conclusion, but rather, they would try to work closely with the accusing authority to get to the bottom of it and not conclude.

WE think he should be given time to explain and come out with what he may term as fact However, he must be given the opportunity to be heard. Members of that august body should be very careful or else sentiments will take over them.

UP to now, there is no communication from the United States Treasury Department to the Senate. So, let Senator Sherman be investigated.

REMEMBER  he is a Liberian citizen irrespective of whatever position he may be in. Do not conclude that he is guilty. Let the Senate try to ask for pieces of evidence that the US may have to move the process forward.


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