‘Investigate All Violence Cases’


By: R. Joyclyn Wea

A women-led observation mission under the banner,Project Accountable Safe Space Women’s Accountability Room (PASSWAR) has called on the Ministry of Justice to investigate all incidences of violence and bring the perpetrators to Justice in line with the law regardless of political party affiliation.

In a release issued over the weekend, the group wants with the Ministry as an arm of government to put into place measures to ensure peace and stability of the country to safeguard the security of the country.

The release quoted the group at urging the MOJ to continue to investigate alleged elections fraudsters and give updated information to the public at all stages of the investigation.

The group wants the Legislature to establish a special tribunal to look into and lead the prosecution of brutal and horrific acts of electoral violence that has the propensity to take us back to war.

The group at the same time, called on political parties to refrain from misleading or inflammatory election news the public on social media concerning the results and called on supporters to listen to NEC’s official results or take advantage of the law and ensure all complaints are filed with the proper authorities.

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