Investigate All Reports Of Killings

...says Chief Justice

MONROVIA-The President of the Judiciary Bench of Government wants all reports of killings, whether real, orchestrated or imaginary investigated.

Francis Korkpor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia  called comes in the wake of numerous claims and encounter claims of reports of ritualistic killings across Liberia.

Amongst the numerous allegations and revelations of ritualistic killing in the country, Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue on a local radio talked-show September 29, 2021 disproved all allegations of ritualistic killings in across Liberia.

Sudue termed as falsehood reports of ritualistic killings, noting that some citizens or alleged victims are making up stories associated with ritualistic killing for personal reason.

Speaking Monday, October 11, 2021 at the supreme court opening for the October term,  justice Korkpor said there is a need to fully investigate recent reports of mysterious killings in the country and appropriate actions taken.

According to the priest of the high court, whether true or makeup stories, all recent reports relating to killings of any kind must be investigated by the appropriate authority responsible and have those hooked pay for their actions.

He called on national government to ensure the protection of the ordinary citizens of the country.

There have been series of revelations pointing toward ritualistic killings and how some citizens escaped death. All this come weeks after former port manager Matilta  Parker accused some ranging public officials of the Weah-led government of having hands in the deaths of innocent souls to get public office.

In the videos, some of those who escaped the ritualistic killings narrated that the alleged killers are on Taxi, kehkeh or motorbike and they normally inject victims with drugs or the use of contaminated cloth that are placed to people nose.

Similarly, the chief justice alarmed the issue of attack on judges and magistrates and called on the functionaries of the government responsible for investigating such cases to become more robust in playing their rightful roles.

According to him, it is not enough to just condemn these wanton acts; the cases must be handled to the logical conclusions saying; “let us not wait until a justice, judge or magistrate becomes a fatal victim before actions are taken.”

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