Inside The Liberian Senate: War Crimes Court: What’s The Position of the Senators Now That You Going Back to Beg the Electorates Again? Did You Keep The Promise?

In order to put an end to impunity in Liberia, in 2006, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established to look into atrocities and crimes committed during the war.

At the end of the process, series of recommendations were made to the Liberian government for implementation.

The center point of these recommendations is prosecution and reparation. Regrettably, with transgression, the government deliberately and vehemently refused to adhere or implement these recommendations.

In the final analysis, individuals who directly and indirectly perpetrated the war against the Liberian people are moving freely in towns and villages with pride and dignity and at same time awarded with lucrative jobs in government and private sectors and at the same getting rich at the disadvantage of the massive.

However, if some of our current Senators can be calm to history, they must reflect on their campaign promises during the time they were begging the electorates to vote them.

During that period, some of the electorates who were victimized as a result of the brutal Liberian civil war asked them [Senators] to ensure alleged perpetrators of the war who committed heinous crimes and crimes against humanity are brought to justice.

Some of our current Senators who are today seeking reelection wholeheartedly accepted to ensure the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) 2009 final report. Today, they are seeking reelection without being frank to the people whether they attempted to ensure the implementation or what they did since they made the promise regarding the court’s establishment.

As they roll up their sleeves for reelection comes December 8, 2020, it is now time the electorates remind them, appraise them what has been their position on this issue now that they are seeking to go back and why they didn’t succeed and what were the obstacles?

The wanton destructions of lives and properties since 1979 shouldn’t go without people accounting for their actions and if members of the Liberian legislature mean well for the people they claimed to represent, they must tell us where we are when it comes to their position on the TRC’s report.

Taxpayers and the international partners’ resources were used to ensure the functionality of the TRC, but it seems it is another fiasco.

But our electorates should now use the TRC‘s report as one of benchmarks to appraise the performances of the senators who are seeking reelections.  

During the war years of instability and total anarchy, some of the very senators ruled the country, as heads of warring factions, confidants and killed, looted the country for decades, and enriched themselves at the detriment of the majority, with impunity.

They used the same monies to contest for the positions they currently occupy and are now controlling the very people without ensuring justice for them.

What such of wickedness is this and it is now time that they make written commitment of what they will do to address the report containing recommendations from the TRC.

If you have forgotten, those very minority persistently oppressed and deprived the majority. They carried out arbitrary arrests, detentions, massacres, extra-judicial and summary killings.

The memory they created cannot be forgotten. Women and children were buried alive, innocent people taken to unknown destinations and gruesomely murdered.

Since then, their family members yet to know whether their relatives are still at alive or dead.

If you have forgotten, children, young men and women were conscripted or enlisted into fighting forces by those warlords to all the warring factions to the conflict. They were drugged innocently and coerced to commit atrocities against their own people.

The males were used to carry arms and ammunitions on their heads to long distances and at war front, while the females were used as sex and domestic slaves. Major infrastructures and viable institutions, such as the economic, the educational system, the health and delivery sectors and the society fabric of the society collapsed during conflict.

Atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed by all parties to the conflict.

It’s now time that the citizens of the country rally against the culture of impunity. It is now time that the electorates become enlighten. Our Senators must ensure that perpetrators of war crimes face prosecution. 

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