Inside Concerned Students Alarm

Abraham Ballah, a member of the concerned students

Some students of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) say the administration of the instruction did not use the handbook of the school before reaching a decision to suspend its student leader.

The Concerned Members of the AME- University at a press conference yesterday said the removal of Abduraham Barrie as Students’ Council President of the 22nd Graduating Class without any due- process; said decision needs to be revisited.

Reading the statement on behalf of the Student, Abraham Ballah said, “We as students of this university cannot allow this to pass without saying anything in this direction as it will serve as a precedent case of our university.”
Also, the Concerned Members of the AME- University said they hold into high esteem the CORE VALUES of the University with Faith, Academic Excellence, Integrity, Stewardship, Diversity & Liberty.

“ The Concerned Members of the AME- University therefore calls on the authority of the University to take keen note of one of its CORE VALUES, which is LIBERTY or FREEDOM, if you may”, Ballah said.

One of the areas they pointed to as justification of their request to have Barrie’s rights reinstated is the AMEU handbook.

“AMEU has students handbook and like you know handbook, in any institution, handbook serves as guardian. It tells them their rights the limitations of said rights. It speaks to their deportments, how to conduct themselves during school hours and not as a person off campus because it is aware that off campus, people are at Liberty to associate and disassociate with any group of their choice.”

Additionally, they justified that the Grievance procedure which has to do with the setting up of an Ombudsman.

“Abdurahm Barrie as President of the 22nd  Graduating Class was removed without any investigation nor setting up of the OBDMUS MAN COMMITTEE as clearly stated in the handbook of the very institution right in section 1”, he said.
With regard to such, the Concerned Members of the AME- University thereby urged the University to adequately read and digest the School’s Handbook which serves as the basis Fundamental Tools for both Students and University’s Authority in term of crises or operations.
“Additionally, Section: 1 also speaks of Non Academic Matters which clearly states that, should a difference arise between a student and the University, between a student an Employee of the University, or between two students which falls outside of the purview of Academic Affairs, there shall be no Demonstration, Violence, or Disturbance on Campus; no vandalism or Commotion or assaulting; no Suspension or dismissal from Class or any Such Counter Productive action”, Ballah said in the statement.

The students said, with the above, as dated in the August 2nd, 2022, of the University’s Press Release which one of the Major Clauses Outline “The University wishes to confirm from video Footage Circulating on social and through internal investigation that a number of its STUDENTS including the President of the Students’ Governing Council were directly or indirectly involved with the incident” relating to July 26 independence Celebration.
“Comrades, Members of the Press, and concerned Members of the AME- University see the above mentioned action as Violation of President Abduraham Barrie’s Liberty (Freedom)” the group said.
They argued that at no point in time the student’s leadership was invited nor were they notified by the University’s authority for any investigation or questioning.
Additionally, the students said the above-mentioned decision by the University contradicts the University’s Handbook.
“As such, the Concern Members of the AME- University is thereby calling on the administration to reinstate Comrade Barrie as President of the 22nd Graduating Class with reference to Section: 1 of the School Handbook which speaks of “NON ACADEMC MATTER”, Ballah said in the statement.


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