Inducted UP Youth Wing Chair Pushes For Reconciliation


MONROVIA-The newly inducted national vice chair for youth congress of the Unity Party (UP), Togar Melvin Cephas, has called for reconciliation among members of the former governing party youth wing. 

Mr. Cephas was elected on while ballot on Wednesday October 6, 2022 following a decision by the party’s National Coordinating Committee after the Gbarnga national convention failed to produce a national vice chair for youth affairs (national youth chair).  

Cephas, one of the candidates for the position, had argued through a written complaint that the incumbent youth chair, Lansana Fofona, did not meet the age requirement to contest the election. The elections committee, reserved ruling into the complaint until due process was accorded.

Following investigation, a decision was reached for the casting of white ballot in favor of Togar.

In September 2022, some disenchanted menders of the national youth congress issued a statement in Monrovia calling on the party Chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh to reject any attempt from the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) to cast a white ballot for the position.

But being aware of the division among members of the youth congress occasioned by heated political tension, Cephas took to the podium during his inauguration to appeal for reconciliation. He asked for forgiveness from those he offended during the Gbarnga convention for the good of the Unity Party.

“To those who I have offended personally because of the toxic nature of politics over the last 2 months, I am asking for your forgiveness, your love, and your support.
To those who have offended me, listen! Come let’s sit at the table of brotherhood. There are so many chairs for you”.

“Let today mark the start of a new journey for this party. We have fought ourselves for too long. This has given our aggressors the chance to be happy”.

Cephas also wants partisans to see the UP as a party that gives opportunity to anyone desiring to serve, using his difficult upbring as an example.  “My election shows that in the Unity Party, anybody can become somebody”.
“My story is your story. I was born and raised in poverty.
My story is not new. I am the young man who sold Kareosine in the abandoned slums of Old Road”.
“The same guy who got thrown out of school many days because his parents could not afford the fees”.
“The young man who was born with an uncertain future because of hardships but still kept beaming”.
“That is why I was in this election. I did not fight this hard and long just to win an election”.
“I fought to give you hope that in the Unity Party, nobody can become somebody no matter the matter”.         

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