Indian National Held For Trafficking

MONROVIA-The Monrovia City Court  has sent an Indian National Anil K. Karma to the Monrovia Central Prison pending the filing of his valid criminal appearance bond and commencement of trial trafficking in Person and theft of service.

Anil Karma, is the owner of a drug store known as ‘Malik’ on Camp Johnson Road.

According to court documents, Karma allegedly trafficked one Karmal Sharma, another Indian national under the influence of giving him job in Liberia.

This alleged unlawful and illegal act commissioned by Karma violates section 15.52 of the new penal code and trafficking law of Liberia

The documents further  mentioned that in February 2020, defendant Karma also induced, influenced and Convinced the victim who was residing in India to come to Liberia for a job as a pharmacist with monthly salary of five hundred-fifty United States dollars inclusive of accommodations, feeding, and allowance.

The documents added that having arrived in Liberia and worked, the said defendant seized his passport with no pay given him and  the complainant  was subjected  to domestic work and was often abused by the said defendant.

The defendant was taken to the Monrovia central prison (Prison) after failing to secure a valid criminal appearance bond.

At the same time, Defendant counsel Atty. Vaani Faate Kiawu disputed the allegations levied against his client Karma.

According to him, the charge lacks truth  of trafficking in person and that the charge further falls short of saying how the complainant was trafficked by his client.

Atty. Kiawu thinks his client was being wrongly charged on grounds that it was a bridge of contract and not trafficking as claimed.

He noted that  if a person is trafficked, he or she is being controlled  and restrained by their trafficker.


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