Indian Businessman Touches Liberian Soil

MONROVIA-An Indian businessman over the weekend flew to Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital City to do a firsthand look and or explore the business climate of the nation.

He was invited to the country by the Liberia Scrap Dealers Association (LSDA).

Mr. Pandiyaraj Paulraj touched the soil of the nation at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Friday, April 7, 2023, at 5:30 pm disembarking from a business aircraft.

He was received by the President of the LSDA, Mr. Ayouba Kamara who had headed a team of officials from his entity to welcome the businessman.

Shortly after Mr. Paulraj’s arrival, the LSDA’s President indicated that, while the businessman is in Liberia, he would along with the LSDA, do feasibility. assessment in the areas of investment such as aluminum, battery, and scrap industries.

The LSDA’s President further put it that given the need for growth at his entity, it is indispensable to remain committed to encouraging potential investors in line with government policies to support national development.

He then added that the visit of Mr. Paulraj to Liberia is a milestone to beginning the expansion of business development saying the LSDA would work hard in all possible areas to arrange a business pact as an offshoot of the businessman’s visit to the nation.

It can be recalled that following the ascension of Mr. Kamara as President of the LSDA, he made a commitment declaration to work hard and bring about growth at his entity by supporting government policies to boost as well the business climate of Liberia.

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