Indian Ambassador Explores Liberia’s Mining Landscape

In a significant stride toward strengthening bilateral relations, His Excellency Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadav, the Ambassador of India to Liberia, undertook a notable visit to the Western Cluster Limited (WCL) mines located in Bomi County, Liberia. The visit, a milestone in the diplomatic relationship between the two nations, aimed at fostering potential collaborations and deepening understanding of Liberia’s mining sector, vital for its economic growth.

Accompanied by a distinguished delegation, Ambassador Yadav was warmly received by top officials of Western Cluster Limited, along with representatives from the Indian Embassy.

During his visit to WCL Operations site in Bomi county, Ambassador of India to Liberia, Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadav was briefed that the WCL has completed a year of operations and has been regularly shipping iron ore out of Liberia. Ambassador expressed satisfaction on the smooth operations of WCL after a hiatus of more than a decade. Ambassador congratulated Mr. Chetan Savant, Head of Western Cluster Ltd and the staff on their successful operations and hoped that the WCL will be able to double its iron ore extraction in the near future as per their proposed plan.

The visit commenced with an enlightening tour of Western Cluster Limited’s mining operations, guided by Mr. Chetan Savant, the Head of Western Cluster Limited. This tour offered a firsthand experience of mineral extraction and processing, showcasing advanced techniques employed in responsible and sustainable mining practices.


Mr. Chetan Savant further presented a comprehensive overview of Western Cluster Limited’s operations. He emphasized the company’s dedication to responsible mining practices, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. The commitment to ensuring workforce safety, environmental protection, and community welfare stood out as key focal points.


The visit paved the way for discussions on potential collaborations between Indian mining entities and Western Cluster Limited. The discourse revolved around technology transfer, knowledge sharing, and capacity building in the mining sector. Ambassador Yadav expressed India’s intent to facilitate the exchange of expertise and advanced technologies, aiming to enhance Liberia’s mining capabilities. Discussions also encompassed the socio-economic impact of mining on local communities. Western Cluster Limited’s initiatives for community development resonated with Ambassador Yadav’s emphasis on responsible and sustainable development.

The visit epitomized the synergy between India’s expertise and Liberia’s mining potential. Ambassador Yadav’s visit laid the groundwork for future collaborations, anticipating economic growth and technological progress in Liberia. Ambassador Yadav concluded his visit with optimism, acknowledging the insights into Liberia’s mining operations and reaffirming India’s commitment to Liberia’s development goals. The visit underscored the growing partnership between India and Liberia, a partnership rooted in economic development, sustainable practices, and shared progress.


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