Indeed, Eton And Ebomaf Now Late For Their Own Funeral

It did not start with widely acclaimed accommodation on the home front upon being heard of that the government has worked tremendously hard to secure loans from two entities to financially stimulate its most cherished massive coastal road network project in the country.

Amidst stiff resistance from critics and skeptics that the entity-Eton bore a questionable scar of being a credible financial institution for a country to transact legitimate business with; the nation became swallowed in the pool of rebellious posture as top government officials who had put their time, energy and weight behind the vague negotiation could not allow the Eton loan agreement to die in the process, moreover abandoned on an isolated island; let alone thwarted from seeing the light of day.

The fray over the past months got hotter; debate became over-heated; information about Eton’s financial records, functionality and credibility took center-space; thorough scrutiny was unleashed; findings published with negative and discouraging result revealed; yet government, determined in its quest vehemently pressed on much harder than ever before to include expression such as “what does website have to do with the money most needed that Eton is willing to  provide, even if it comes from the belly of the devil it just doesn’t matter, all we need is the money to do our road project”.

Despite internationally-driven food for thought offered that the Eton’s deal was not financially healthy for the country to venture into; the driving forces behind the loan agreement refused to pause, adopt a sober second thought; rather went ahead and added Ebomaf to the list, thereby opening even wider the Pandora box loaded with more suspicious questions than answers.

In the final analysis, the two loan agreements from Eton and Ebomaf were accorded a ‘4G’ visa and passed into law by the Legislature and signed by President George M. Weah which became a law. Surely, any looming factor that could thereafter enhance the stalling of such operation also remains glaring as long as the people’s observations and reservations were not considered and by extension listened to.

Since then, the two loan agreements are yet to show their worth, usefulness and juice intended to bankroll the huge coastal highway road network project; and as those who were much more steamed up in defending the two loan agreements don’t seem to have any expectation of commenting any further-a clear indication that indeed, Eton and Ebomaf are now late for their own funeral.

Most often, these things do happen when the leaders are so obsessed with the way and manner in which they alone want things to be done without providing room for extended consultations from other well meaning people with additional clues to such ongoing development; thus rendering the deprived onlookers to keep asking: “what can we say to these things”? Now the two loan agreements have far too passed the status of severe coma and what happened to them next can only be multiplied by zero; for indeed they are late for their own funeral.

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