‘In The Boat Of One Faith’

MONROVIA-Christians have been told to always place their all-out hope and trust in God Almighty through His son Jesus Christ, and not believe in mortal men who are vulnerable to temptations, trials and vain things that try the souls of those who live for the world and reject the spiritual and divine teachings of not being a property of the worlds.

Also they are reminded that the things of God do not require any other form of make up to demonstrate  truthfulness of realism, and that the driving  image does not need the intervention of a secular force to prove the worthiness of its supreme uniqueness.

Serving as Guest Preacher on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at the Revival Christian Baptist Church (RCBC) in Paynesville, behind the Coco-Cola Factory in Morris’ Farm, marking the twin celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Church and Mother’s Day, Rev. Joseph Kartewuo of Kingsword Ministries International  located in LBS Community; first started by urging the congregation to always cherish, listen, be patient and  most importantly, be close to their mothers with  warm and tender loving care, and not disperse, ridicule, scorn or disrespect them; as the Bible clearly proclaims that honor (love and respect) your mothers and fathers so that your days may be long in the land that the Great Father has promised you.

Rev. Kartewuo, delivering his message on the theme: “We Are In The Boat Of One Faith” with text from Hebrew 11:6, described mothers as ‘Special Character’ who played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the home first and foremost, by ensuring the fruitful upbringing of the children to be useful, law abiding, contributing individuals to the society; preparing them to cater to their domestic and academic assignments that will testify to their potential and ability as reliable, credible and dependable citizens in the society with emphasis on firstly being God fearing, and well-disciplined in which the community in particular, and the country in general, will be proud of  them.

According to Rev. Kartewuo, some of the unique virtues that make mothers special character are  based on the open-mindedness to all children, be their biological  or non-biological, all children are treated as theirs without drawing the red line; let alone instituting discrimination and segregation.

Moreover, he cautions mothers to uphold the task placed in the hands of the disciple during his (Jesus’) ordeal of death and resurrection, when he said, mother behold thy son, and son, behold thou mother, meaning she (Jesus’ mother) should be taken care of by the disciple and that she also should take care of the son (disciple).

He also pointed out that mothers must always be loving and caring; should always guide and positively inspire the children, inculcate in them the goods and decent values, without cherry-picking, and teach them the beauty of the principles of honesty, sincerity, integrity and respect for others at home and away.  However, he was quick to indicate that mothers should not be in the disdainful business of divide and rule, should strive as far as possible without surrender to build individuals that society and the world will be proud of, must desist from gossips and being agents of ‘white teeth and black heart’ syndrome, and trading negative envy and becoming home, as well as community breakers.

Touching on the Anniversary of the Revival Christian Baptist Church, the Man of God commended the congregation for what they have achieved collectively for God through His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave us His life to purchase our sins and iniquity, and bring us back to the Father thereby rendering us a second chance to make up with The Most High.

Rev. Kartewuo challenged the members of RCBC not to relent and be so complacent of what have been achieved rather there are lot more to accomplish in the army of the Lord, as the preaching of the gospel of good news to all besides; erecting beautiful and marvelous structures which are very commendable, but the task of winning souls for Christ should always remain very cardinal in our religious engagement through evangelism, because according to Rev. Kartewou, the great Commission prescribed in Matthew 28, must be adhered to without second thought.

He then extolled RCBC’s Pastor Darlington Beh and the entire congregation for standing with him, and working together for the great achievement being acquired so far, and urged them that they must not be too satisfied, because there is still lot more room for improvement through which, he noted,  reflects that so much are available to be accomplished collectively by them; therefore, they should keep pressing harder and ahead, depending only, and exclusively, on the Lord, who will see them through successfully, adding that, for nothing is done in His name that will not be rewarded  immensely in keeping with His riches in Heaven.

Rev. Kartewuo also called the entire congregation that his next visit must acquaint him with another advance level of development that the church had accumulated through the spiritual guidance of Pastor Beh profoundly that has inspired the entire congregation in upholding the task of working, building and teaching the good news of our God as ordained by His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who also taught us the  virtue, and gave us the assurance while on earth that we are overcomers, and our sins have been paid for by his death on the cross of Calvary and his resurrection from the grave that could not hold him captive;  and as long as we continue to do those things he taught, died for and resurrected to give us a second chance with the Father of who our sins eclipsed the spiritual path to Him, we will be on the right road.

The twin colorful program was also marked with massive rally-women vs. men, of which the women defeated the men, and by extension, some hard working members (both male and female) were satisfactorily honored for their commitment and devotion to the services rendered the RCBC, while others, including Mrs. Mardea P. Howard was extolled for her extraordinary contribution to the church coupled with her unflinching mobilization skill and persuasion  in keeping the women progressively together, productively intact and respectfully engaging them in keeping the  church moving upward from strength to strength.


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