In Terms Of Shipping, Corporate Registry, Liberia Rated Best –Nagbe

MONROVIA-The Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) – Lenn Eugene Nagbe, has disclosed that Liberia has been rated by the International Maritime Organizations (IMO) as the

best in terms of shipping and quality services being provided.

Speaking when he appeared on the OK FM in Monrovia, over the weekend,

Commissioner Nagbe said the LMA is graded as the best in shipping and corporate registry in the world, according to the International

Maritime Organization (IMO) and has the second-largest shipping registry in the world which is a boost for the country.

“Liberia Maritime Authority is progressing and improving, and the diamond of the Maritime program, which is the Registry, is also improving and performing well. In terms of quality and services we are the best in the world,” Nagbe stated.

The Liberia Maritime Authority is the statutory body to regulate all Maritime activities in the country.

In 1948 Liberia decided to establish a corporate and shipping registry for ships to utilize the Liberian flag.

Nagbe further indicated that because of the quality, professional services and performance of the LMA Registry, 25 percent of the goods that go to the USA are on Liberian vessels, adding that the LMA is also ready for proper operation that will better improve the lives of Liberians.

He commended President George Weah for helping the Liberia Maritime Authority obtain a headquarters in Virginia, USA, and encouraging the Authority to build its own office in Liberia, which is now completed and ready for dedication.

“President Weah instructed all entities to start exploring the options of having their own offices or buildings, instead of paying rents.

When we took over we made efforts and today we are proud to say that the mandate of the president to move from rented property to our own property has happened. This has saved us some money,” Nagbe explained.

Speaking on the issue of empowerment, Commissioner Nagbe disclosed that the Liberia Maritime Training Institute is on course and currently training engineers, technicians who are capable and ready to get absorbed into the job market and also provide jobs for Liberians who are ready to explore the opportunities.

He encouraged Liberians to apply at the Institute for professional training.

He added that Liberia is a stakeholder at the Regional Maritime University (RMU) in Accra, Ghana where Liberia is a constituent member and has 16 students who are training and performing well.


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