In MTM Sexual Scandal: MOJ Remains Tight-Lip On Johnson’s Medical Report

By R. Joyclyn Wea

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), one of the focus institutions on the Investigation Team setup by President George Weah to probe into the More Than Me (MTM) sexual scandal, has since remained tight-lip to speak on the medical report of MTM Program Manager, McIntosh Johnson who is believed to have died of HIV/AIDs in prison following his indictment by Government through the Ministry of Justice in 2014.

It was stated by the current and past heads of the Ministry of Gender Children, Social Protection that the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police took charge of the scandal when it was firstly reported in 2014, something that makes it difficult for the Ministry of Gender to track any record or documents concerning the medical status of the late Johnson.

Giving update on the team findings on Thursday at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), the Assistant Minister of Justice said they cannot speak on the issue of Johnson’s medical report on grounds that investigation is ongoing.

According to Isaac Johnson, they would speak on the matter at the right time but, said there are persons of interest who are currently being investigated.

“We cannot release the information to the public; in fact, we do not want to speak on that issue because investigation is ongoing, and until that is concluded, we don’t want to speak to that issue.”

During court proceeding in the 2014, it was said that there was no motion filed with the court demanding the medical record prior or after the death of Johnson.

Some citizens believed with the statement by the MOJ shows that there’s no documents to support the claimed by the population that Johnson’s died of HIV/AIDs.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Gender has disclosed that she is sending a communication to the Press Union of Liberia against the posture of reporters whom she claimed increased stigmatization among girls of the MTM.

According to Minister Piso Tarr, students of the foundation were interviewed by media practitioners as to whether or not they were victims of the situation, something she said was wrong.

She further expressed disappointment in the media for interviewing kids of the MTM Foundation saying “during march in the country, some journalists put microphone to kids mouth and interviewed them, this increases more stigma for the children in their various communities.”

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