In Campaign Against Pollution:

Red Cross Collects, Disposes Of Nearly Half Million Plastic Waste

MONROVIA-In a resounding effort to combat plastic pollution and promote environmental preservation, the Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has launched a plastic waste collection campaign on World Environment Day.

With the global theme of, “Beat Plastic Pollution,” the Liberian Red Cross engaged communities, schools, marketplaces, and streets in nine counties, resulting in the collection and disposal of nearly half a million plastic waste items.

“We are committed to finding solutions to pollution, not just for this day, but for the future,” the Secretary General of the Liberian Red Cross Gregory T. Blamoh mentioned in a Press Statement. “Join us in beating plastic pollution and making our community a cleaner, greener place to live,” Mr. Blamoh said.

On June 5, 2023, the LNRCS deployed a total of 150 of its dedicated volunteers and remarkably collected plastic waste items from the streets, communities, marketplaces, school campuses and public places. “Plastic pollution is a grave threat to our environment and to the well-being of all living beings on this planet. It is causing irreparable damage to our ecosystems, harming marine life, contaminating our water sources, and endangering human health” Mr. Blamoh noted.

The Liberian Red Cross plastic waste collection campaign’s reach extended to Bomi, Margibi, Lofa, Bong, Grand Gedeh, River Cess, River Gee, Grand Kru, and Sinoe Counties involving 80 male and 70 female volunteers.

“Today we are proud as we reflect on the extraordinary efforts made by our volunteers. Their actions against plastic waste highlight the urgent need to address the growing crisis of plastic pollution,” the Red Cross Secretary General acknowledged.

Beyond the collection efforts, the LNRCS local offices conducted awareness-raising activities through radio discussions and community engagements. By disseminating vital information about the detrimental impact of plastic pollution, they empowered individuals to make informed choices and take actions that promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Red Cross stands committed to finding sustainable solutions to combat plastic pollution. “We recognize the power of collective action and the importance of mobilizing our community. Today, I call upon governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and individuals alike to join us in this critical endeavor as we continue this effort beyond June 5”.

Recognizing the complexity of plastic waste disposal, the LNRCS collaborated with key partners such as the Environmental Protection Agency and city corporations in the counties for technical support and effective coordination of waste disposal efforts, maximizing the campaign’s impact and sustainability.

“The Red Cross is ready to collaborate, support, and guide all those who share our vision. Let us unite our efforts and work tirelessly to find innovative solutions that will restore the balance between humanity and our environment.”

The plastic waste collection campaign spearheaded by the LNRCS served as a resounding call to action for individuals, urging them to join forces in beating plastic pollution and creating cleaner, greener communities.

By aligning with the global initiative of World Environment Day, themed “Beat Plastic Pollution,” the Liberian Red Cross showcased its dedication to addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution and mobilizing communities to take collective action.

Plastic pollution poses significant challenges to Liberia, contributing to environmental degradation, health risks, and the obstruction of drainage systems. Through their proactive steps and tireless efforts, the LNRCS and its volunteers have highlighted the urgency of combating plastic waste and preserving the environment for future generations.

Their collaboration and unwavering support have laid a solid foundation for a cleaner and healthier Liberia. The LNRCS also urged individuals to continue their commitment to responsible waste management, making conscious choices to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics.

The success of this campaign serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness and inspire action for the protection of the environment. The Liberia National Red Cross Society’s dedication to beating plastic pollution sets a remarkable example for communities worldwide, encouraging them to join forces and create a sustainable, plastic-free future.

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