IMF program positive In Liberia

..says president Weah


MONROVIA- President George Weah told the United Nations General Assemly Thursday that the International Monitory Fund program with  Liberia is positive as indicated by the group’s  recent appresal.

“I am pleased to report that the IMF’s latest appraisal of the ongoing program it has with Liberia is very positive. It shows that inflation rates have been significantly reduced. There are now better prospects for economic growth compared to previous years – in spite of the negative effects of Covid-19,” he said.

According to him, “Our efforts at instituting new policy measures to fight graft were also particularly commended in the report, along with our adherence to prudent fiscal management.”

He then attributed this to the promotion of democracy .

“Democracy in Liberia also continues to grow from strength to strength. After many years of civil upheaval, Liberia is becoming a stronghold of peace and a safe haven for democracy.

“This is because we have taken actions in the last few years to build and strengthen democratic institutions, such as the press and the Liberian Judiciary.

We have put forward new legislation that empower the media, while eradicating those that have tended to suppress free speech.

“I am proud to say that, from the beginning of my Administration to date, there is no political prisoner in Liberia.,” he concluded.


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