“I’m Your Real Leader”

As the wave of political tide rises in the country for the October 10, 2023, Presidential and Legislative Elections, President George Manneh Weah has told supporters to vote him because he is their real leader.

The President along with his team of campaigners is on a rally these few days in Montserrado County to win the minds of voters in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections.

He spoke the Kru language and sang songs as he danced with the people of New Kru Twon in a joyous mood.

Weah is seeking reelection after six years of service which his critics described as poor leadership marred by corruption and bad governance. Weah’s supporters on the other hand, praised the Liberian leader for what they call the level of developmental initiatives the President has overtaken during his six years of leadership.

Speaking to supporters in New Kru Town, the Liberian leader told the gathering that he has gone to them with an open mind so that they can give him and his team a second chance in a one-round victory.

“I know they will come, but they cannot tell you about performance. They told you I do not know anything; but I have done something,” President Weah told the gathering.

President Weah said he has achieved more in his fifth year as a leader and as such, there is a need for the people of Liberia to give him a second term to complete his developmental agenda.

According to him, his opponents have said he was not in the interest of ordinary Liberians, but the Liberian leader questioned the thinking of the opposition and said he cannot be a waste of time to the people he loves.

“12 Year, they did not fix anything, but they are coming to fix and rescue, what are they fixing or rescuing,” President Weah wondered.  

He said the economy was down, his leadership resuscitated it, the Executive Mansion was gotten by fire during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her Vice President, Amb. Joseph N. Boakai stating that for those long years, it was not fixed or rescued until him (Weah) became President of Liberia.

He pointed out the payment of fees for Liberian school-going children and the free tuition fees at all public universities in Liberia as some of the gains that has been made by him and his team.

“When they talk about excellent, I am excellent. I am talk and do,” Weah said. President Weah who served as Peace Ambassador during former President Regime, cautioned his supporters to stay away from any form of violence or provocation during and after these periods of campaigning.

He reminded them that in the absence of peace, no one will vote or go about their activities in peace. “This New Kru town, I lived there before. I was ‘Gbanna’ like you,” he boasted.

He said respect and peace is what he stands for so people who are supporting him should follow his lead by not causing any confusion. “We want you to be safe when you are going to vote. I don’t want you to knock on anyone’s vehicle when we are in the street,” he further warned.

The Liberian leader called on the citizens to remain peaceful as they campaign to win the minds of voters and not to get involved into violence for any reason.

“When you are provoked, reply to them on election day with your votes,” he cautioned the young people.

For his part, the National Campaign Chairperson of CDC, Leen Eugen Negble said, “October 1 will be the President’s birthday again and on the 10th is voting day. “What we want from you as a gift for the President is to vote him,” the national campaign Chairperson said.

Dixon Serbo is the lawmaker of Montserrado County District 16. In a remark, he said,” No one substitutes a Striker who has scored more goads.”

According to him, the good works of the President can be seen everywhere in District#16 stating, “New Kru Town people, people of District#16, let me assure you that this President is a winning President.”

Senator Saah H. Joseph who is also seeking reelection, reminded residents of the district of a decision they took when President Weah served as Senator years back.

“The last time when disaster was in your district who did you called?” the crowd answered by saying, “It was President Weah.”

He called on them to remain committed and continue to work so that their community can keep getting the level of support from the government. Saah Joseph called on residents of the district to ensure that the election is one-round insinuating that a second round might cause the government millions.

 First time voters were also among people who gathered on the crowded field in the Borough of New Kru Town to witness the campaign activities by President Weah.

A representative of the first-time voters thanked God for giving President Weah to the people of Liberia as their president.

The First-time voters recounted the payment of fees by the President stating that a huge percentage of them are walking out of high schools and are poised to enter the University of Liberia.

“For building our human capacity, we want to reward you with a one-time victory,” the first-time voters’ representative said.

President Weah with partisans and hundreds of his supporters took their campaign to several parts of Monrovia mainly in District#16 and District#16 where political speeches were made by the President and the campaign team of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)



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