“I’m Not Worry About Political Hustlers”

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Bong County-Amidst political bickering and widespread speculation over who becomes the next Representative for Bong County electoral District number two, a son of the District, Joe K. Better has vowed to contest in the by-election in the County.

Making the disclosure to this paper  on February 4, 2021, Better  said he will be the next Representative for the District in the County.

According to Better, he will be elected by the voters based on his many developmental Initiative in the District and the County at large.

He named the construction of Clinic, the rehabilitation of market roads,  renovation of Schools building, among others.

Additionally, he disclosed to this paper that he has gotten a cogent reports that there’s an attempt by some  individual from other Districts to deny the Jorquelleh people their inalienable right of direct representation in the by-election.

He described those who don’t hail from the District and are planning to block the indigenous sons of Jorquelleh from getting to state power as political Intruders or hustlers.

He  asserted that gone are the days when political hustlers exploited the goodwill of the people who provided them the enabling environment they enjoy nowadays.

He at the same time said he is not worrying about those political hustlers from other Districts, because he has the pedigree to lead his people at the National Legislature; noting that  I will not negotiate with hustlers to surrender the District slot.

He is admonishing citizens to shine their eyes for contestants like he (Better) who has requisite pedigree and experience in state craft to represent them at the level of the Liberian parliament, adding that not  political grasshopper or hustlers who are jumping from one District to another in  the County.

” Because there is by-election in  District number two, they’re now jumping in here, but I know that our people will not elect them,” he noted.






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