“I’m Angry”

-Cummings Asserts on the way the Resources are leaving the Country


By Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The Political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC)

Alexander B. Cummings says he is seriously angry with the Liberian Government for not putting into place a system that will allow the resources of the country impact the living conditions of all citizens.

According to Mr. Cummings, the country resources are have impacted the lives of citizens, it only leaves the country and the citizens in poverty.

Speaking to a team of journalists following a three day thank you tour in Grand Cape Mount County with Senator Simeon Taylor, Mr. Cummings used the interview to urge  the Liberian  Government  to address  those challenges  the people of Grand Cape County  are undergoing,  especially, the lack of good  healthcare  delivery  services, roads connectivity, education among others.

He said  the county resources  cannot be depleted by foreigners  who  are using  their company  and  the citizens  are not fully benefiting  from  their resources,  something  he  is optimistic  that it will change  under  the CPP leadership.

The ANC  Political  leader however  urged  the citizens, especially in  Cape mount  to demand  that  the Government implements  their rights  to  the basic social services  including  their resources.

Mr. Cummings  further disclosed  that  during  the December 8, 2020  Senatorial Campaign   of  the CPP Senator, Simeon Taylor , he promised  the people of Grand Cape Mount County  that following  their victory,  they   were going   to return  and appreciate  them  for  the trust and confidence  reposed   in  the CPP.

He used  the interview  to express gratitude  to  the citizens  of  the four electoral districts of Grand Cape Mount County  for  their support  and believing   in the CPP,  especially  the Alternative National Congress (ANC).

Mr. Cummings however  urged Senator Taylor  to  keep  the connection  with  the people  of Grand Cape Mount County  describing  him  as  the most popular  man  in the county.

The ANC Political Leader disclosed  that  the next three days tour  will be  in Bomi County  to interact  with  the citizens  and appreciate   them  for  their support  during  the  senatorial elections.

Mr. Cummings however reaffirmed his commitment to the CPP to work collectively with the various leaders of the party in giving hope to Liberians for a better leadership.

Also making remark, Grand Cape Mount County Senator Simeon Taylor vowed to reconcile the people of the county, following his victory including the legal battle with former Grand Cape Mount County Senator Victor Watson.

Senator Taylor  said  he will work  with  the county legislative caucus  to ensure  that  those laws  that are intended  to impact  the living conditions  of  his people are implemented.

According to him, the county resources cannot be taking way   by foreigners and the citizens   are out of jobs, including lack of road connectivity education among others.

Senator Taylor further disclosed  that he will  ensure  that  the rights of  the citizens  are upheld  by the Government  through  the various laws .

He expressed gratitude to the citizens for their support   and promised to work in their interest for the overall good of the county development.


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