I’ll Complete Your Road If…

As he moves in all trenches of the Northwestern County of Lofa, the home county of his main challenger, Joseph Nyumah Boakai in the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, President George M. Weah has promised the people of Lofa County that he will complete their road when given the second chance as President.

Weah, who is seeking his second term bid after six years of his leadership, entered the northern county recently as thousands of Lofians gathered to welcome their new hero. The President has been moving in various trenches of Lofa in an effort to woo more votes in the backyard of former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai who commands huge population of Lofians being a son of the county.

Speaking to thousands of his supporters and partisans in Voinjaman City, President reminded the citizens that Lofa voted for him but not in a high number in 2017. He at the same time, lauded the people of Voinjama for increasing the voting numbers that made him President.

The Liberian leader pleaded with the people of Lofa to vote him to complete his work and leave a legacy. “Don’t mind the noise, I’m one of you, vote for me and help me accomplish my legacy,” the President sounded.

President Weah promised the people of Voinjama that when he is elected he will complete their roads. Weah added that he has all necessary fund’s prepared for the roads and will be implemented after his reelection.

At the same time, President Weah has endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Kolleh Kollie. Mr. Weah promised that there will be no war under his administration and promised a successful life for Liberians.

He further promised free, fair and transparent elections come October 10, 2023. Among other things, President told Lofians, “Vote one round victory for a new Liberia. I’m developing this country and you can see my hand mark. We will achieve this road,” vowed.

Marketers in the county including the MarketingAssociation has pledged its support to the reelection bid of President. Madam Elizabeth Sambollah in her statement asked wondered, “What does the UP want that they didn’t do in the last twelve year?”

According to the market President, President Weah has provided money for the market women in Liberia, something she said is necessary for the reelection of the president.

Madam Elizabeth Sambollah pledged to run campaign and make sure the Weah team wins the 2023 election in collaboration with the association.

The marketers presented food items of varieties to Mr. Weah and the First Family. Angel Bien, head of the First Time Voters lauded the president for reaching out to the people of Voinjama despite the road condition.

She said though the road is yet to be completed, there are works ongoing on the Lofa road making way for farm produces to be sent to the big cities and towns. They presented gifts to the First Lady, Clar Weah and VP Jewel Howard Taylor.

The High School Students Represented by Debora Gborwee lauded Vice President Jewel Haword-Taylor for her immense support to young women in the county.

According to her, the VP has provided scholarships to many young girls in the county especially VoinjamaDistrict. Sekou Kolleh, a Representative Candidate ofLofa County District #4 on the ticket of the CDC pledged to deliver District# 4 and Lofa at large to President weah.

Be assured we will deliver Lofa to you and the numbers shown here is not only for publicity, but will be shown at the ballot box,” he further assured.

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