“IAA Host Roundtable Discussion Today”

By Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Director General of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), David A. Kemah has disclosed that the institution will hold a two-day Roundtable discussion with heads of public institutions in Liberia.

Mr. Kemah said the two-day Round Table discussion will be held at the EJS Ministerial Complex in Oldest Congo where many public institution owners will gather together for discussion.

According to him, the Round Table discussion is to guide various public institution heads on how to proceed with the audit process. He added that the roundtable discussion will be essential for every head to enable them be aware of the upcoming process at the Internal Audit Agency (IAA).

“We want them to be aware of those things that the Internal Audit Agency will look out for,” he said.

Mr. Kemah disclosed that the Internal Audit Agency has established new laws and rules to enable every public institution head to be informed about those things that the institution will be concentrating on in the audit process.

According to him, the IAA will focus on the financial and administrative areas in various institutions that need to be audited and governed with laws.

Mr. Kemah assured that once an institution gets the necessary control from IAA to enable them to work in compliance with the institution’s laws that public institutions can manage its institution and be able to promote efficiency within their institutions.

Speaking furthered, he said they will also be able to minimize waste abuses and other necessary issues within the institution as public heads.

Mr. Kemah mentioned that the IAA has decided to come up with this brilliant idea intended to benefit every public institution that are in compliance with the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) laws.

According to him, the roundtable discussion will be held with various public institutions with a focus on the upliftment and development of the institution.

“It will create room to help public institution owners to carry on their work very easy without the intervention of IAA,” he assured.

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