“I Will Deal With Him”


-Minister McGill Threatens FPA Publisher

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill has vowed to deal with the Publisher of one of Liberia’s local dailies, Frontpage Africa (FPA) Newspaper, Rodney Sieh.

Speaking in a telephone conversation with Truth 96.1FM, Minister McGill said he would deal with the FPA boss by putting him into prison for what he considers as damaging his hard earned character he has built over the years.

“If people start to go after people for tarnishing other characters, other say there is no press freedom but when the press tarnishes someone’s character nobody says something about it but this time around I will deal with him,” Minister McGill said.

The Presidential Affairs Minister challenged FPA publisher, Rodney Sieh to publish the instruction sent to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Minister by him, Minister McGill, instructing the Finance Minister to pay debt owe a non-existing company.

Minister McGill noted that Minister Samuel Tweah of the MFDP is a well-schooled person and as such; he would not take any instruction from him (minister McGill) or any other person on the execution of his duties.

The state Minister asserted that at no point in time did he instruct Minister Tweah to do anything, nothing that people try to hide behind the garment of being a press and damage others character.

He recounted the situation of the FPA with former Agriculture Minister under the immediate past administration, Chris Toe, where he, Rodney was placed behind bars, all in the name of making news, noting he is about to make more news because he’s not going to let this go unnoticed.

The Minister comments come in the wake of the paper recent publication wherein the paper reported that it has uncovered what appears to be a multiple layers of corruption, fiscal mismanagement, and waste resulting in millions of United States dollars in losses from the coffers of the Liberian Government.

According to FPA, it has in its possession dozens of vouchers and memos detailing what the paper termed as exorbitant payments towards travel, make-up companies and firms tied to the Presidency.

“Nearly all the payment vouchers in the FPA’s possession originates from instruction from the Ministry of State headed by Minister Nathaniel McGill, to the Ministry of Finance,” FPA reported.

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