Nimba county senator, Hon. Prince Y.  Johnson said that he wants to go see Jesus after one of his kinsmen, Armstrong Gobac Selekpo threatened to  go to  his university in  Nimba to demonstrate.

Mr. Selekpo said, honorable Johnson had called to appeal to him not to go to demonstrate at his campus. But he rejected the Senator’s appeal by saying: “For the fact that we suffered behind you  and you cheated us,  you can carry me to jail,”  he said.

Hon. Prince Johnson in green African shirt

He added: “When we do go to court and we do not get redress, we are going to your school to have demonstration. You can do anything to me now; my life is not important now.”

It was at this point that senator Johnson said, he wanted to go see Jesus: “I am building an institution for the county and the country. If you want to go there, they will meet you. Your want to  go there and destroy, go there, the road open. I want to go see Jesus,” he said, failing to say when he would go see Jesus.

There were series of exchanges between Senator Johnson and Mr. Selekpo on the phone conversations. The statement was released to the media by Mr. Selekpo  recently. 

Senator Johnson added: “I am 68 years old now.” Then Selekpo added; “I am 36 years old.”

Selekpo told this paper in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that senator Johnson manipulated the entire sitting process in Nimba. Selekpo had applied to be the chairman for the Project Management Committee-PMC, a body that, among others  oversees funds from various concession companies in the county to be used for development purposes. 

On August 21, this year, a mass meting was held in Sanniquellie, the capital city of Nimba(a place where the first meeting of the Organisation of African Unity-OAU was held in the 1950s with three presidents of West Africa-ex-president, William V.S. Tubman of Liberia, Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone and Ahmed Sekou   Toure of Guinea).

Selekpo said, “I had applied to be the chairman for the PMC. They postponed it several times. When we got there for the elections,  Hon. Johnson Gwehkolo asked us to wait and when they are ready , they would call us. But while waiting, we heard that Senator Johnson called his favorite candidates in the hall and told the delegates to vote. They hurriedly voted and declared one Yeleme the winner.’

He said,  due to that, they had  taken the matter to court of which they are awaiting the result.

When this paper called honorable Johnson to know if he manipulated the system, he did not answer as his phone. Text messages were sent, he did not answer.

Senator Johnson is on record to killing former president Samuel K. Doe when he headed the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia-INPFL, a break away warring faction from the main rebel group of former president Charles Taylor-National Patriotic Front of Liberia-NPFL.

But since then, Senator Johnson had reconciled  with the families of the late Doe. Senator Johnson was on radio last week that he has forgiven Selekpo.

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