I Owe No Apology To President Weah, Wife

MONROVIA-Isaac Vah Tugbah says, he owes no apology to President George Weah nor his wife Clar Marie Weah over the recent publication of his controversial book title: “George Weah: the dream, the legend the rise to power.’

Tugbah is the former chief of office staff in the office of opposition leader Alexander Benedict Cummings and co-author of President Weah’s book in which First Lady Clar Weah was believed to have been ‘damagingly’ characterized.

Tugbah says they (Tugbah and Emmanuel Clarke) hold no apology to President Weah and his Wife on grounds that the contents of the book are correct and do not violate any law.

Speaking with OK Conversation Monday, they mentioned that those criticizing their work have not read the entire book, stating that many do not understand the intent of the publication.

The lead author of the Book Professor Emmanuel Clarke said though they have apologized to those who feel offended, they have no regrets about writing such content.

The book, co-authored by Mr. Tukpah, reveals an alleged discussion by a husband, Mr. George Weah of his wife. The revelation of the alleged discussion allegedly exposes deviant behavior in our society in the continuous disrespect and denigration of girls and women.

The book published last December 2021, took a center stage in Liberia after a chapter of the book was posted on social media by Henry Pedro Costa, one of President Weah’s staunch critics.

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