‘I Have Not seen concrete evidence of UN Work In Liberia’…says president Weah


By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Liberia’s President George Weah says he has not seen concert and visible impact of the united nations work in Liberia as citizens  in the rural areas continue to live in extreme poverty.

According to president Weah, the United Nations had been in the  country for many years trying to address challenges facing the nation and people, but he is yet to see a concert and visible result of such effort.

The Liberian head of state made the assertion at the commemoration of the 76th anniversary of the United Nations held over the weekend at the one UN house in Monrovia.

He mentioned that many of the people of the country stay live in adjust poverty in spite of best effort of the UN and its agencies for many decades in the country spending millions of dollars to address the situation.

“I want of challenge today to make a difference to mobilize your resources and expertise in a manner that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of the poor and under-privilege in Liberia. He continues “When we shall have gathered here next year for the 2021 observance of the UN day, we expect that you will point these things out to us to see the progress that you have made.”

Going forward, President Weah wants the UN planned and implements programs that are more than just quick impact projects, but ones that will provide lasting and life changing impact for the poor and under-privilege in the Liberian society.

He further noted that these projects must give real meaning and concert manifestation of the UN expression of ‘no-one left behind’ and reaching the worst first.

Meanwhile, Weah expressed graduate to the UN on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia for its help and support in the fight against the global covid-19 pandemic something which has led to the country reporting positively in the virus.

Remarking at the 76th UN day held under the theme: “building back together for peace and prosperity” United Nations Coordinator said the purpose of the UN is to maintain peace and security and foster corporations between nations to support economic, social and culture and military inclusions.

According to him, the challenges remain very much presence today ranging from the covid-19 pandemic among many others events continues to remind them and affect Liberia which reduce global supplies chain restriction on travel on businesses, distributions in the education system, increase violence against women and children and livelihood and job employment.

“we believe that government, development partners, civil society, private sector, people of Liberia and the UN will combined to ensure further progress to move the sustainable development good thing their pro-poor agenda for prosperity and development, but we must all work together to bring he needed better future.”

He indicated that the theme of this year UN Day is so important in these troubling time of the pandemic as they work to creating a blue print for a better future such new measures that will benefit young people.

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