“I Didn’t Testify Against Cummings

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Following days of testifying about the framework document of May 19, 2020 which brought the four collaborating political parties (CPP) together under one umbrella, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai says, he did not testify against the Alternative National Congress(ANC) political leader Alexander Cummings as being widely spread in the public.

The UP political leader mentioned that his series of testimonies before the Monrovia City Court were not to testify against his follow opposition leader, Alexander Cummings rather it was to state what he knows about the CPP’s framework document in the interest of the public.

He spoke with Judicial Reporters on the grounds of the Temple of Justice after cross-examination by Cummings’ lawyers.

My testimonies were about to testify what I knew about the CPP framework document that I signed on May 19, 2020, whether it was the same document filed with the National Elections Commission, the 78-year-old former Liberian Vice President told Reporters.

Cummings and two other executives of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) were dragged to court on charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy, a trial which the former VP was subpoena to testify to his certain knowledge as Government lawyers’ star witness.

They were accused by one of the four CPP member parties, Benoni Urey’s ALP of tampering with the CPP’s original framework document of May 19, 2020.

According to him, there are things that went wrong concerning the CPP framework document for which he was asked to explain his side of what he knows in the interest of the public, so that people know who they are and what they stand for.

Ambassador Boakai believes they are all people of integrity and are working together in the interest of the country.

He further that his presence at the court was in respect of the rule of law, the court system and above all, a law abiding citizen and not to testify against the defendants or side with the state as being perceived.

Also, ANC political leader Cummings has said that it is unfortunate for the Government of Liberia to divert their strength and spending huge sum of monies on misdemeanor case.

Cummings narrated that the money that government is using to go after him, should be diverted to the Liberian people to better their health and education system in the country that could better their lives.

He pointed that it is a shame for our justice system or government to be prosecuting a misdemeanor case as if it’s a Criminal Court.


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