“I Dare Anybody To Take Action Against Me”


-Senator Dillon Challenges Reported Threats Against Him For Revealing Senators’ Salaries

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has challenged his colleagues who are reportedly threatening to take serious actions against him for revealing their salaries that had been a top secret over the years despite calls to make their salaries public.

Recently the Montserrado County Senator revealed their salaries as senators. This has sparked serious debates among his colleagues and the public at large. The salaries of lawmakers in Liberia have been one of the top secrets in the country, but the revelation by the Montserrado County lawmaker has rocked the entire boat of the National Legislature with a report of his colleagues planning to punish him.

“Sometimes I will constructively be disruptive in the interest of the Liberian people. I owe no apology for that.  I may be a senator for one week, one month, but I am a senator with purpose. I dare anybody to take actions against me for telling my employers how much I make as senator,” Senator Dillon said on the Prime Morning Drive on Prime FM 105.5MHz on Wednesday October 2, 2019 in Monrovia.

Senator Dillon bragged that it’s through him that members of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) getting to know how much their lawmakers make as salaries over the years.

“It is Cdcians first time to know their senators’ salaries. George Weah, Acarous Moses Gray and others couldn’t tell them their salaries and I feel for them. But I embrace all of their criticisms against me for my decision,” Senator Dillon added.

Meanwhile, Senator Dillon has promised to go from county-to-county telling the Liberian people that their senators and representatives should tell them how much they make per month and how much they can contribute toward the development of their respective districts, county and Liberia at large.

“If I don’t win in 2020, so be it, but I want the right things to be done for this country,” he said.

Regarding the controversial US$40,000.00 assigned government vehicle, Senator Dillon said the car was bought for the late Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherriff and all procurement processes were met.

He said as per new standard, the Liberian Government doesn’t buy used car for officials and was never given the cash to purchase his own car as insinuated in the public.

“The car is for three years and if I refuse it, I won’t get new car from the government and trust me, if I don’t win in 2020, I will return the car to the government. Some people saying sell the car, if I sell the car, I will be charged for theft of property. I am entitled to a government car and I was not part of the policy making for the car,” Senator Dillon clarified.

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