I am not a violent person …says NPA boss


MONROVIA –The Managing Director of the National Port Authority(NPA), Mr. Bill Tweahway has debunked allegations that he disrupted the camping activities of a sitting lawmaker in Buchanan over the weekend.

Hon. Vincent Willie, Grand Bassa District number four representative and senatorial hopeful for the upcoming senatorial election in December, told OK FM morning program Thursday that Mr.  Bill Tweahway disturbed his camping while launching his Buchanan office. He threatens to order his(Bill) beating the next time he carried out such disruption.

“I have informed the National Elections Commission(NEC) and police about it. I do not need to inform him(Bill).  The next time he moves into my rally, I will order my men to beat him. I am serious about it,” he said.

Hon Tweahway

But Mr. Tweahway said “ anybody  who knows me will tell you that I am not a violent character. I do not do that.  I do not believe in violent. I believe in civil activity,” he told the program when called.

Bill admitted of  his presence in Buchanan over the weekend, but only only informed the police that it was unfair to other citizens  to block a specific street because there was political activity taking place there.

“Yes I was in Bassa on Saturday. I was on my way to the Catholic school that I graduated from. They blocked(Willie’s camping team) the entire street that people can go through.  I told the police that this was not  fair for someone to block street  because they are there. I did not go near the group. The police told us to detour; which I did.  I am not a violent man,” he said.

Bill said Vincent was his nephew and he would not do anything to affect his political activity. But Vincent denied.

Hon. Willie

“He is my nephew(Vincent). You can not say that to your elder. More over, I am his grand uncle. Maybe I am forcing relationship. I do not think that he said that he will quarter me or he will beat me; to talk to your elder or uncle,” he added.  TNR

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