“I am In Pain Every Day”

By Mark N. Mengonfia- mmenginfia@gmail.com

JMONROVIA-Jerry Gaye, one of the survivors from an accident involving journalists assigned at the Executive Mansion is complaining of constant internal pains he is expressing in his legs and head since the day of the fatal car crash.

In February of 2019, Journalist Gaye, along with few other colleagues, whilst on duty on board the Executive Mansion Press vehicle, got involved in a terrible motor accident along the Gbarnga – Totota highway, a situation which led to death a person-  Gabriel Wilson; AKA-‘Executive Horn.’ Jerry Gaye leg got broken and  sustained serious injuries.

His countenance changed when he started explaining how painful his condition is since he and others were involved in  the  accident.

Looking directly in the camera with wet eyes, Jerry said, “It is not easy for me. I have overstayed- I most of the time call the doctors in Ivory Coast and they have said to me that I have overstayed.”

Jerry should have spent four months with his family for observation after which he should have gone back to have the iron placed in his leg removed.

“The pain is too much for me,” he  said sadly as he looked at his colleagues.

Reporters assigned at that Liberian Executive have made numerous of requests seeking for the wellbeing of their colleague, a request which according to them is still being reviewed.

Madam Dennise Nimpson Chairperson for Executive Mansion Press Corps at a well-attended press conference held at the Headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia said on Monday, February 8, 2021 that: “We have assembled you here to highlight the plight of one of our members, Mr. Jerry Gaye of Prime FM who is going through serious difficulties and pains in his life.”

Madam Nimpson during the conference praised the level of assistance provided by the Weah led government by providing previous treatment opportunity to their colleague, but was quick to add, “In his return note, which, according to Journalist Gaye, is in the possession of the Press Secretary, Doctors recommended that he returns, at the time, in May 2020.”

She went on to say, “When the coronavirus subsided in Liberia and flights started coming in and out, the leadership of the Executive Mansion Press Corps started its engagement  with the office of the Press Secretary for the return of our colleague.”

She said, her leadership has exerted all efforts and means privately and publicly to see to it that their colleague returns to Ivory Coast for  additional treatment.

“However, Journalist Gaye has not yet left the Country. As we speak, the iron in his leg has almost outlived its usefulness and is life-threatening,” she said.

She  added it is because their colleague has not left that is why they [Executive Mansion Press Corps] saw the need to launch an appeal to President George Manneh Weah to kindly help return their ailing colleague to Ivory Coast to complete his treatment.

“We dearly appreciate all the initial efforts by the Liberian Government to cater to the health of our colleague” she said.

She continued: “Mr. Gaye cannot even take more than ten steps or a ten minute walk. However, we are appealing to President Weah to please get involve before he starts his nationwide tour.”



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