Huge Protest In USA for Jessica Lloyd


Liberians in the Diaspora are currently protesting at the headquarters of the Creekside  Church in the USA demanding justice for Jessica Lloyd who narrowly escaped death from their senior Missionary in Liberia, Lucas Richard.

An American national, Lucas Richard allegedly tried killing Jessica Lloyd in Caldwell, Monrovia on September 14, 2023 for reasons yet to be known.

According to reports, he wanted to marry her when she got pregnant; he then allegedly injected her with a drug causing her to bleed and have a miscarriage.

According to family sources, after treating her at the ELWA hospital, he later went to her mother’s house and collected her, told the mother he wanted to take her out to have some quiet time somewhere and it was at the time he allegedly decided to kill her.

While in the process of killing her, a commercial motorcyclist, “Keke rider” saw Lucas’ vehicle parking in the bush trying to find out what was happening only to find out that Lucas was trying to kill Jessica. The cyclist explained that he managed to save her by hitting Lucas from the back and took her away why Lucas escaped the scene.

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