Huge Endorsement for Joe, Baikpeh In Bassa Sat.

By: Perry B. Zordyu   Email:

The political whistle has been blown and no one politician wants to leave a single stone untouched.

In this vine, Grand Bassa County is one of those counties that are highly anticipated among the vote-rich counties and as such, both oppositions and the ruling establishment are fighting to overwhelmingly capture.

With that, too many groupings have seen the need to put forth their plight of pushing and maintaining the developmental agenda of the seated lawmaker in the district-Representative Matthew Joe.

One of the groups is the “Girls Brigade for the Re-election of Matthew Joe,” which has gone viral throughout the length and breadth of the county and beyond.

Girls Brigade for the Re-election of Matthew Joe is expected to kick start its campaign with a huge endorsement for CDC Senatorial candidate and former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Janjay Baikpeh and its Representative Candidate and incumbent Electoral District #3 Lawmaker, Matthew Joe over the weekend in Buchanan.

The group according to its Chairperson, Janjay Venn, young people for too long have suffered greed since the last twelve years of the Unity Party-led administration but was subsequently handled passionately by Representative Matthew Joe whose representation over hundreds of thousands of young people now knowledgeable, beneficiaries of their awaited ambitious of livelihood to cater to their family needs.

Madam Venn furthered, “We have gathered under one umbrella in unity and with the level of development and adequate representation carried out by Rep. Matthew Joe and former Superintendent Baikpeh, to let the public know and encourage other young people to re-elect Rep. Joe and trust the leadership ability of Baikpeh into the House of Representatives and Senate comes January.”

Girls Brigade for the Re-election of Matthew Joe pointed out that young people are in full swing to clear away myths and restore tangibles in the district for the betterment of all.

The event is expected to take place this Saturday, August 12, 2023 and will be held in the port city of Buchanan at the Unification Pavilion Hall.

Madam Janjay Venn stressed the need for the citizenry of Bassa to stand tall in medicating ills that have been hampering the growth and development of the county over the past decades.

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