House Summons NPA, APM Terminal, Other

By Mark N.

The plenary of the  House of Representatives has unanimously voted inviting top managers of the National Port Authority, APM Terminal, BIVAC, and all shipping institutions to address the issue of increment in tariffs on goods coming to Liberia.

They   were invited based on a complaint filed before that august body by Grand Bassa County  lawmaker, Matthew Joe.

Representative Joe has consistently written the plenary informing  it that body of what he observed as violation of the rights  to what is due Liberia.

The communication that prompted the plenary of the House to summon the top managements of the institutions  was the recent one which alleged  that there was  a unilateral.

The Grand Bassa County representative in that communication highlighted that APM Terminal has increased tariffs on all cargos services by 9.67%.

The lawmaker indicated that 9.6% increment by APM Terminal is the new handling change which is equated to US$ 18.28 cents.

It was based on this information  and other pieces of information gathered by the Clarence Massaquio  specialized committee that made the lawmakers to have those instructions head appear.

Before reaching the decision, nearly all the lawmakers who spoke on the  matter, expressed the need to have the agreement of the APM Terminal review or revoked.

Rep. Massaquio said for the Liberian government to leave the management of the Port of Liberia with a company has  security implication

” We are at risk in terms of our security and also at risk financially” the Lofa District three lawmaker said.

There is a line in the agreement that doesn’t give rights to the government to review the agreement, but Rep. Massaquio say, “there is nowhere in the world that an agreement cannot be reviewed.”

Representative Rustonlyn S. Dennis  who is also a member of the specialized committee that visited Ghana for fact findings recently,  said the one hundred million APM Terminal claimed to have use cannot be compared to  what the one hundred million used in Ghana and the level of development on ground.

Rep. Francis Dopoh said  legal agreement  reviews  are what are needed to undo the ‘ imposed’ hard times on the people they represent.

For her party, Moima Briggs Mensah of Bong called on her colleagues to ensure that the law be repealed to give peace to the people of Liberia while Matthew Joe of Grand Bassa said the APM Terminal is not taken the people’s representatives seriously; adding that if  they fail to review APM Terminal agreement,  the people of Liberia will forever blame them[ lawmakers].

Representative Isaac Roland of Maryland said,  “We need to hold ourselves responsible when some of those companies are not performing.”

While Edward Kaffiah of Bong in his statement called on his colleagues to just use its legislative power to revoke the agreement.

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