House of Rep. Staffers In A Sit-in Action At Speaker Chambers Office

By Mark N.

Workers of the House of Representatives early Thursday morning staged a sit-in protest action in front of the office of House Speakers Chambers in demand of some 17 months cut they have experienced in their Liberian dollars component of their salaries.

The workers claimed that the leadership of the House of Representatives deducted their salaries for the past 17 months; something which has provoked lots of protestation at that side.

Although,. Liberia  Minister of Finance Samuel Tweah has told workers across Liberia that there was harmonization process which would affect some  many people.

“No money, no Speaker.”, “Put an end to bad leadership.” ” We want our money” some of the placards  read.

After sitting for minutes, Sinoe County District three  lawmaker, Matthew Zarzar pleaded with the disenchanted workers to leave the Speaker’s office as they were going to discuss their plights in session today.

The Sinoe lawmaker was joined by Bong County district three Lawmaker, J. Marvin Cole to ask them to leave.

They left, but soon regathered and returned in front of the office of the Speaker demanding the Speaker to come out and speak with them and at the same time asking one of their colleagues who has been locked up in a meeting with the Speaker and other members of leadership of the House of Representatives.  It is not known whether the Speaker met with them as the reporter left earlier.



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