“Henry Costa Is A Dangerous Man”


A pro-democracy group under the banner; ‘Liberia First (LF) based in the US has expressed serious fear about Vocal Talk Host Henry Costas endorsement of President George Weahs re-election bid in the impending Runoff Election.

Speaking to scores of CDC supporters over the weekend from the US, the Chairman of the group, Mr. Jonah Barcon described Costa as a dangerous man that must not be given any space within the ruling Party.

Costa is a dangerous species who don’t deserve no place in Liberia based on the gravity of harm he has caused to our government,” Barcon asserted.

Barcon recounted several protests organized and executed by Costa including the most infamous June 7 protest that brought thousands of Liberians in the streets from across the Country.

As a young government, Barcon believes, Henry Costas Council of Patriots organization of June 7, 2019, and January 6, December 30, 2019, and several other protests impeded direct investment in the country, thus creating excruciating hardship for ordinary citizens.

There is no other way you can deal with a brutal dictator who steals and lies. We will not sit at the table with George Weah. He has no integrity and credibility, an exact statement of Henry Costa before his January 6 protest quoted Pro-democracy leader quoted, Mr. Costa.

The Liberia First Leader pointed out that Costa and other diaspora Liberians were the masterminds of sanctions against officials of Weahs government in Liberia.

It can be recalled that on 15 August 2022, the US government sanctioned Nathaniel McGill, Sayma Syrenius Cephus, and Bill Twehway for their involvement in ongoing public corruption in Liberia.

Costa always spoke to members of the US Congress and the White House to sanction this government while is he coming for back, we must not trust him,” Jonah cries out.

He recalled former Chief Investigator of the U.N-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) Dr. Alan Whites relationship with Henry Costa.Costa cajoled Dr. White and the rest of our international partners to avoid doing business with the Weahs government rather he continues to advocate for war crimes court in Liberia, he said.

He accused Mr. Costa of using 6 years to demonize, ridicule, and insult, President Weah and his officials and stated that his (Costa) attitudes drove away investors from the country.

“Costa is a desperado; he destroyed this government, accused President Weah of corruption, nepotism, ritualistic killings, mysterious deaths, and looting of the country’s resources,Barcon blasted.

“No Liberian has insulted our President and ridiculed this government than Henry Costa,” he noted.

He used the occasion to call on President Weah, Liberias allies to be aware of Mr. Henry Costa’s deeds and the level of harm he has caused the country.

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