Harlenville in G/Bassa Gets City Status


The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has passed a Bill granting city status to Harlenville within Nakreen Statutory District, Grand Bassa County.

The passage of the Bill on Tuesday was triggered by a recommendation from the committees on Judiciary and Internal Affairs.

According to a release from the Senate Public Affairs Department, the Bill seeking to create the City of Harlenville is sponsored by Grand Bassa Senator, Nyonblee K. Lawrence.

The Bill indicates that the City of Harlenville shall be divided into not less than nine and not more than 15 wards, being based on a clear geographical land marks which shall promote peace, understanding and development amongst the residents of the city.

Additionally, the city shall have full power and authority to make and fulfil contracts, with municipal laws and ordinances to support the operation of the city, and perform all other necessary acts compatible with general laws of the Republic.

“That immediately after the passage of this Act, there shall be and it is hereby created in Nakreen statutory district, Grand Bassa County, a body and cooperation under the name and style, the City Corporation of Harlenville and by such name it may sue and be sued, plead and be impeded and do other acts that are usually done by similar corporation bodies,” The release stated.

Following the reading of the committee’s report, members of the Liberian Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed Act based on a motion proffered by Grand Bassa County Senator, Jonathan Kaipay for the report to be endorsed and subsequently passed into law.

The act is expected to be forwarded to the House of Representatives for its concurrence.

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