Grow Liberia Management Indicted

MONROVIA-An executive of a local organization ‘Grow Liberia’ has been indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County for multiple crimes: theft of property, criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation and forgery, a violation of sections 15.51, 15.70, 10.3 and 10.2 of the penal law of Liberia.

The action to indict Elizabeth Shelley, Program Manager and other officials of the organization was prayed for by the government of Liberia relative to a complaint levied against her (Shelley) by Wilhelmina Mulbah, Chief Executive Officer of Mulbah rubber estate.

Between the period of 2018 up to and including June 16, 2019, the defendants Shelley And Kim Beever, one of her associates in the allege crime in violation of the statutory laws of Liberia, made and provided with criminal intent to deprive the Mulbah rubber estate (MRE) and its sole proprietor, criminally design scheme to steal, pilfer, took away and converted over US$170,000 being the amount used for madam Siaway to continue construction work on the ribbed smoked sheets (RSS) factory under the pretense that said amount would be replenished by grow Liberia.

To prevent the replenishment of the amount in question and convert it to their own use, the defendants purposely and criminally accused the complainant (Siaway) of stealing US$18,000.00 dollars project fund to purchase a vehicle for her private use which was later  untrue.

The defendants the indictment asserted did connive, conspire and acting in concert, did doctor and cause to doctored a forensic audit report to state therein that “the audit team found evidence that Madam Mulbah Siaway, General Manager of MRE of fraudulently using US$18,000.00 of the project fund to purchase vehicle for her private use whereas, the report submitted by the auditors, Baker Tilly Liberia proved the contrary.

On that basis, the organization through its executive has been indicted by the grand jury of Montserrado County on the order of the government of Liberia through the ministry of justice.

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