Gross Evil!

-Grand Gedeh Caucus Described Video on County

ZWEDREW-Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus describes as gross evil, a video circulating on the social media which linked the Liberian Government to training paramilitary groups in Grand Gedeh to secure President George M. Weah’s re-election in the 2023 elections

The video which is believed to be fake had a white foreign national voice claiming that the government is training the group in that county to ensure that President Weah uses any means to be re-elected in 2023.

But the video, since it went viral, has continued to receive unprecedented condemnations, as the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus becomes the latest.

The Caucus stressed that the fake footage is an attempt to taint the image of the Grand Gedeh for its overwhelming support to President Weah’s re-election.

“Wondered why such baseless and diabolical lies were directed at the county,” Alex Grant, Representative District three Grand Gedeh County stated in an ELBC interview recently.

We urge the Justice Ministry to investigate the matter in accordance with law and called on our colleagues to condemn same, Representative Grant pleaded.

According to him, it would be knee-jerk to accuse a specific group within the opposition bloc because the video was not released with a tag.

However, the Grand Gedeh County Lawmaker believes the making of the video was a product of unscrupulous individuals bent on undermining the peace and stability of the state.         


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