Gov’t S/G Denies Tampering With Evidence

MONROVIA-The Ministry of Justice through the office of the Solicitor General of Liberia Sayma Cephus has denied ever admitting to alleged tampering with evidence intended to acquit Alexander Cummings by the government.

It can be recalled that weeks ago Cummings’ lawyers raised a contention about a portion of a WhatsApp conversation which was admitted into evidence during the discoveries by government, this the defending counsels attributed to the Solicitor General and pleaded with the court to launch a full scale investigation into the matter to establish the facts and circumstance leading to the disappearance of such important document from the case filed.

Fast forward, on Wednesday March 30, 2022, during a closed door conference with the parties, Government’s lawyers admitted to mistakenly extracting said portion of the evidence from the discoveries, hence they presented same to continue trial into the case.

But in a release issued by the Ministry of Justice April 1, 2022, the Ministry claimed at no time did State’s lawyers ever admit to any wrongdoing as it is being claimed by defendant Cummings and his media team.

According to the Ministry, State’s lawyers suggested to the defense lawyers that since they (defense lawyers) were satisfied with what the prosecution had provided them at discovery, same should be marked by court to replace what they had disputed and it was done.

“At no time did the Prosecution ever admit to any wrongdoing, instead, the Prosecution had asked the defense team since they were satisfied with what was provided at discovery same should be marked by court to replace what they disputed and this was done,” the statement said.

There’s nowhere in the records of the court to prove that the Prosecution admitted to any wrongdoing.

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