‘Gov’t Not Looking For Charloe’s Killer’’

...Justice Scott Tells Court

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott has informed Criminal Court “A” and the general public that the Government of Liberia is not seeking the person who killed her daughter but is treating them as prisoners.

Justice Scott informed the court, “They are not hunting for the killer; I don’t know what their problem is because there is nothing in the writ of arrest detailing the issue.”

Justice Scott, who took the stand to defend herself and her family, explained to the court how the state had already adjudged them guilty of the charges even though the case had not yet gone to trial.

“The law says every accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty but what has the prosecution done; they have gone against the Constitutional requirement of the doctrine of due process before one can be found guilty.”

The former Chief Justice declared that the warrant of arrest that led to their imprisonment was deficient and tore it up.

The prosecutors were alarmed by the former Chief Justice’s presence in the bar, so they started considering tactics to divert her attention and that of the court. The prosecution raised concerns with the court, requesting that the former Chief Justice be held to the indictment rather than the writ of arrest, as they were alarmed by the former justice’s decision to discuss the writ of arrest instead of the indictment.

“Justice Scott shouldn’t have discussed the writ of arrest,” the prosecution claims, but the former Chief justice claimed that it was based on the writ of arrest that they were taken to jail and upon which the indictment against them was drawn, hence, it was important to point it out.

“This document should have contained detail information because it is the writ of arrest that took me and my family to jail,” Justice Scott contended.

According to Justice Scott, the writ not only put her and her family in jail but also violates their constitutional rights to liberty.

Judge Willie then concurred with the former Chief Justice and instructed the prosecution’s attorneys to take their seats, and remain silent for Justice Scott to continue.

Article 21 (f) states in part that, “Every person arrested or detained shall be formally charged and presented before a court of competent jurisdiction within forty-eight hours. Should the court determine the existence of a prima facie case against the accused, it shall issue a formal writ of arrest setting out the charge or charges and shall provide for a speedy trial.”

The defendants were supposed to be hauled before the court right away, according to the writ of arrest, but according to Justice Scott, this did not happen.

“Because we are aware of our innocence, we have stayed accessible to the public and will continue to do so,” stated Justice Scott.

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