Gov’t, GBU Sign Agro-Industrial Project

By: Perry B. Zordyu   Email:

The Grand Bassa University and the Government of Liberia through the National Investment Commission have signed an Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Project.

The memorandum of understanding was signed over the weekend at the National Investment Commission headquarters in Monrovia in a bid to enhance Agro-Industrial Processing Zone Projects.

It is in response to an ongoing engagement and request from the National Investment Commission in consultation with the Grand Bassa University authority.

The memorandum of understanding also seeks to establish a cooperative framework that supports the assessment, development, and enhancement of Agro-Industrial skills with a specific focus on Grand Bassa University.

As part of the agreement, the university will receive funding from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the implementation of the Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) Project.

In the MoU, the Grand Bassa University initiative aims to foster economic growth and development in the region and is expected to benefit Palm and Cassava Processing Plants from the African Development Bank.

Singing on behalf of the university, the President/CEO Dr. Samuel K. Monwell lauded the government and the National Investment Commission for their timely intervention towards the expansion of the university.

According to Dr. Monwell, the collaboration between the University and the National Investment Commission not only signifies the commitment of both entities to the improvement of agro-industrial skills but also highlights the government’s dedication to boosting the country’s overall economic development.

Dr. Monwell noted that with the MOU being signed, the stage is set for progress, growth and a promising future for residents of the county and students attending the university as well.

He added that the implementation of the SAPZ Project is expected to bring forth numerous benefits, creating employment opportunities while fostering innovation and expertise in the agro-industrial sector as it is a step towards building a sustainable and prosperous Liberia.

Meanwhile, Molewuleh B. Gray, Chairman of the National Investment Commission signed on behalf of the Government of Liberia.

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