Government Threatens To Go After Defiant Red-Light Marketers

MONROVIA-Since the relocation of the Gobo-Chop Market to now omega market in July of this year, some business people are still seen in a large number at the former commercial hub in Red-Light and its environs.

Despite the deployment of state security in red-light as part of government’s effort to further prevent commercial activities from taking place in that area, marketers are still carrying on their normal business activities.
The situation has forced Government to send a strong message to would-be defiant citizens to desist from returning to the former commercial hub as doing would be at their own risk.

Speaking at a news conference over the week, Monrovia City Mayor who is also the co-chair on the relocation committee setup by the president in July, warned that going forward, marketers who will return to red-light will be doing so at their own detriment.

Though Jefferson Koijee did not mention what exactly will be done to the violators.
Koijee also warned frozen food store owners not to allow those marketers sit in front their stores to sell because it is a likely hood for them to create congestion which is something they as government is kicking against.
Similarly, the MCC Mayor disclosed that the government is in the process of also relocating store owners to the omega market as such, he is calling on store owners to prepare themselves.

He mentioned that Red-light will no longer be a business area whether store or pretty trading, noting that everyone will leave red-light to omega market which he noted would be the new commercial hub for Paynesville.
Koijee claimed Government will not only relocate those people, but also ensure that things are regulated at omega market.

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