Government Releases Princess Cooper’s autopsy report

By Wilvina  G. Dweh

MONROVIA-Finally, the Government of Liberia, represented by its pathologist has made public the result of the autopsy carried out on the late Princess Cooper.

Reading the autopsy results in Monrovia, Dr. Benedict Kolee, detailed that the deceased died of Tuberculosis (TB), which he said resulted in her bleeding excessively.

He furthered that the Liberian government has asked anyone who is dissatisfied to challenge their result by hiring a private pathologist to carry out another autopsy on the body.

The late Princess Cooper’s lifeless body was discovered on March 24, 2022 in the back of the Fawaz building materials store at the ELWA junction in Paynesville.

The deceased was known to be a caterer before her untimely death.

According to the Liberia National Police, the autopsies of the late Princess Cooper and Melvin Togba were carried out by two Liberian trained pathologists, Dr. Benedict Kolee and Dr. Zoebon Kpadeh, Thursday, March 31, 2022 at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

The family of the late Ms. Cooper stated that they boycotted the autopsy procedure because they were not satisfied with the competence and neutrality of the two Liberian pathologists who were hired by the government of Liberia. The family members said that they wanted a private pathologist and not a government-hired pathologist.

The autopsy was carried out with the sole purpose of establishing the actual cause of death after the deceased was discovered dead in mysterious circumstances.



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