Government needs to work harder

MONROVIA-The government of Liberia has erred in the way he is carelessly handling the covid-19 situation in the country, and Deputy Information Minister, Eugene L. Fahngon has also erred by using the wrong platform to address the same government he works in.

By Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr.

Deputy Minister of information, Eugene L. Fahngon has broken silence on how the government is carelessly handling the covid-19 situation in Liberia. But I think he expressed himself in ignorance by using Facebook, a wrong media platform for the issue.

This is because “When the house doesn’t sell you out, the street will not buy you”.

Before now, all his jobs has been fun to me because he does them in a boastful manner, and most times he does it as a show up, but this time around, this his particular video presentation on the covid-19 situation in Liberia, makes a great deal of some sense.

Apart from he, Deputy Information Minister, Eugene L. Fahngon using the wrong media platform to express his feelings, his action by publicly discussing in a bad light, the same government in which he is a vital part of paints a picture of betrayal and disloyalty, by undermining the government. His action alone has damaged the entire image of the government before the whole wide world.

In line with this perception, I want to think that the government’s action is right because the deputy information minister went too emotionally extreme. He would have used different platforms such as WhatsApp, or Zoom, in meetings organized by himself, where government officials or leaders from the information ministry can actively participate in to properly express his feelings.

The deputy information minister, Eugene Fahngon can not tell me that he doesn’t have the contact information of the president, nor of those who are closer to him.

He actually talked on some logical issues but used the wrong platform instead, and even pointing directly and indirectly to some individuals. Even, to me as an individual, this is my government. I sometimes feel unhappy on how they’ve handled the covid-19 situation in the country, but even at that, the house doesn’t have to be divided among itself, otherwise, it will lost it’s power.

What I think should be done in this regard is:

  1. The government needs to close all borders.
  2. The government needs invoke some executive orders and put the military in place to take charge.
  3. The government needs to make sure that testing measures are  duly in place and as timely as possible.

Even for me personally, I have taken covid-19 test at the airport before now,  and the government health department told me to enter into the country pending the outcome of my result, with the promise to notify me when the results are ready. And since February 2021, I had returned back from Ghana, and yet my test results are still not out, and am fully resident in the country.

The government should not only engage in the collection of travelers money in the name of covid-19 test, but rather should establish herself in doing the needful.

Conclusively, looking at the entire situation of things as far as this issue is concerned, I share my blames with the health ministry, and not the president, because I believe that the health ministry, as an agency of the government, is fully saddled with such responsibility, and must have been resourcefully empowered by the president to oversee the health sector and put things in proper perspective, and they ought to be alive to their responsibilities is the system must work effectively.

This is my reaction towards the battle between the Government and the Dup. Information Minister.

About the writer: Founder and Chancellor of Grace International Bible University


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