Gov. dispatches security to Troubled spot

MONROVIA-The Minister of Justice said that a team of security has been dispatched to  Kparbli, Nimba County, close to the border with the Ivory Coast where the shooting took place and led to five persons sustaining injuries.

There were clashes between a group of Burkinabes and citizens due to farming land disputes. This led to five people sustaining bullet wounds and were taken to hospital.

“We have dispatched security to the area from last night,” Frank Musa Dean, justice Minister responded to messages sent to him.

He declined to comment on the number of wounded people but said would respond at the appropriate time.

The lawmaker from the district, Hon. Tuan Dorwoan Gleekia told New Republic Wednesday that the situation was serious and they were calling on health authorities to send an ambulance for those wounded.

A local journalist on the scene reported that: “The clashes took place between some Burkinabes and citizens of this place due to land business. The citizens said the Burkinabes are taking their land to do farming and the locals,” Frankline Doloquie said.

Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean

“Two persons are very critical from the shooting incident. Three persons sustained injuries. I have asked the head doctor in Tappita Hospital to send an ambulance to the place for them to get the others taken to the hospital,” Hon. Gleekia said.

No death was reported but the situation is tense and citizens in the district are calling on the ministry of Justice to intervene.

A citizen from the district said, “some Burkinabes were among those wounded and taken to hospital in Tappita with some citizens. They used single barrel guns to shoot.”

“We are calling on the ministry of Justice to send a team of security people down here but from yesterday, we have been appealing to them but no response. Do they want the situation to escalate before they send troops?

When this paper contacted the Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean for comment, he promised to act on the request.

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