Gongloe gains support ..as he sets to visit California in USA

As the presidential and legislative elections date draws near in 2023, many prudential hopefuls are not sitting down one place.

One of such persons is Human Rights lawyer and former president of the Liberian National Bar Association, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe. He has embarked on a tour in the United States to gain both financial and material support.

So, Friends of Gongloe Global – California Chapter will host him from July 9-13, 2022 in Northern California. Gongloe is expected to deliver his message of “A Better Liberia” is possible for good governance if elected come 2023.

He is also expected to tell the international community about his strategy to fight corruption in Liberia.

Already he has been meeting some top US state department officials explaining his platform to them.

According to a statement from the USA, this is where he is expected to meet Liberians and friends of Liberia to whom he will articulate his “Agenda for A Better Liberia.”. There are over 10,000 Liberians in the Bay Area (San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) and the greater Northern California, including Antioch, Stockton and Sacramento.

The aspiring presidential candidate is also expected to meet with elected officials of the United States Government from both the Democratic and Republican parties, authorities of major universities and business executives, and the press. Counselor Tiawan Gongloe, 65, is a renowned human rights activist who has worked as a special assistant to former Interim President Amos Sawyer from 1990-94. He is also a former Minister of Labor and former Solicitor General of Liberia.

Mr. Gongloe resigned from his ministerial post in November, 2010 over policy disagreement with the President of Liberia. He is the immediate past president of the Liberian National Bar Association. In public service, Mr. Gongloe has helped in drafting legislation for civil service reform, local government reform, forestry reform law, jury reform, anti-press laws, code of conduct for public officials, land authority act, whistle-blower and witness protection act.

He is a lecturer in Human Rights Law and Criminal Procedure Law at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. He also teaches human rights law at the Police Training Academy. Mr. Gongloe is known in Liberia as “Poor Man’s Lawyer” because he provides legal representation to protect the rights of the poor including journalists illegally arrested and detained by government.

Mr. Gongloe arrived in the United States on May 12, 2022 to make his case among Liberians in the Diaspora and the international community about the state of affairs in the country to be contrasted with his plans to build “A Better Liberia” by fighting corruption and restoring good governance.

According to the dispatch, since his arrival, he has engaged Liberians in Atlanta, Georgia; Columbus, Ohio; Fargo, North Dakota; and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also been invited to hold town hall meetings with Liberians in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. In addition, Counselor Gongloe has held meetings with the Mayors of Washington, DC, Twin Cities, MN, and U.S. State Department officials.

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